FEU Cavite strengthens partnership with Aoike Academy, Japan

(from L to R): Ms. Nishimura Kumiko (Principal, Aoike Wakasa Medical and Welfare College), Dr. Matthew M. Nepomuceno (FEU Cavite External Affairs Officer, Mr. Hiroki Aoike (President of Aoike Academy), and Mr. Takuma Hara (International Relations Officer, Aoike Academy)

June 17, 2024–True to its 15th Founding Anniversary theme “Forward and Beyond,” FEU Cavite continues to expand its internationalization efforts. The school aims to prepare its students as well as its teaching and non-teaching staff to become globally competitive and responsive citizens. Specifically for the academic year 2023-2024, FEU Cavite established a new partnership by signing a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Aoike Academy, a school in Japan that offers various programs and courses. The MOU signing was held at FEU Cavite last March 14, 2024. The MOA signing ceremony was attended by key representatives from both institutions. Dr. Myrna P. Quinto, FEU Cavite’s Executive Director, and Dr. Matthew M. Nepomuceno, the External Affairs Officer, were present. They were joined by Mr. Hiroki Aoike, President of Aoike Academy, along with Mr. Takuma Hara (International Relations Officer, Aoike Academy) and Mr. Junichi Omachi (Director, Gensai Career Consulting Corporation).


The partnership with Aoike Academy opens up exciting opportunities for students, teachers, and employees. It fosters collaboration, cultural exchange, and academic growth. FEU Cavite’s commitment to international engagement is further strengthened through this collaboration.


Dr. Matthew M. Nepomuceno’s visit to Aoike Academy from June 11 to 14, 2024, allowed him to explore the campus as well as the other places that FEU Cavite delegates can visit. He also engaged with faculty and students, and discuss potential joint initiatives. The visit aimed to enhance mutual understanding and lay the groundwork for future exchanges.

The partnership between FEU Cavite and Aoike Academy will benefit students in several ways including but not limited to:

  1. Cultural Exchange: Students will have opportunities to engage with Japanese culture, language, and traditions and vice versa. This exposure fosters cross-cultural understanding and broadens their perspectives.
  2. Academic Collaboration: Joint research projects, seminars, and workshops will enhance students’ academic experiences. They can collaborate with Aoike Academy students and faculty on various activities and programs.
  3. Global Competence: Exposure to diverse educational systems and practices prepares students to thrive in a globalized world. Participants will be able to develop skills such as adaptability, intercultural communication, and resilience.

Prior to this recent partnership with a school based in Japan, FEU Cavite had already established collaborations with Sekolah Pelita Utama in Batam, Indonesia (established in 2018), and I-Shou University in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (established in 2022). The Aoike Academy MOU adds another milestone to FEU Cavite’s global network.

As we gear up for SY 2024-2025, the collaboration between FEU Cavite and Aoike Academy promises exciting prospects for education, research, and cultural enrichment.


Overall, this partnership aims to enrich students’ educational journey and equip them for success beyond the classroom.