Higher Education Department




HED student organizations are composed of officers (undergraduate students) elected by the students, through an electronic voting system. These organizations are duly organized based on approved constitution and by-laws. They undergo recognition and accreditation processes to obtain authority from the school as the student’s official representative in matters affecting them.

Generally, the organizations endeavor to promote the interests and protect the welfare of the students, foster harmonious school relations, and represent the student populace in school and community affairs. Specifically, they assist their constituents in enriching their academic learning experience through pragmatic programs and activities aimed at supplementing theoretical knowledge thus allowing the students to be practically involved in “experiencing their education” and feel part of an academic community.

Student Government
FEU Cavite Student Council (FCSC)

Academic Societies
Hospitality Management Society (HMSoc)
Junior Tourism Executives Society (JTES)
Junior Marketing Association (JMA)
Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA)
Information Technology Society (ITSoc)
Medical Technology Society (MTSoc)
Psychology Society (PsychSoc)
Political Science Society (PSS)

College-wide Organizations
CFC Youth for Christ – FEU Cavite
FEU Cavite Peer Organization (FCPO)
FEU Cavite Dance Crew (FCDC)
Teatro ng mga Artista at Makata (TAM Stage)

Student Publication

Simbuhan | Click here to read the September 2022 Issue.