The Senior High School Deck the Door Decoration Contest is back!

Join the FEU Cavite SHS Deck the Door Christmas Decoration Contest 2022

Contest Mechanics
1. The contest will involve all sections of the Senior High School Department.
2. Each Section will deck their respective homeroom doors (ONE DOOR ONLY) with recycled (not recyclable) Christmas Decors. Administrative Offices are also invited to join. But they will be separately judged.
3. Students must only use masking tapes or Blu Tack as adhesives. The following must NOT be used:

a. Rugby
b. Duct tape
c. Glue gun/stick
d. Packaging tape
e. Double adhesive tape
f. Super glues (e.g. Mighty Bond, Bulldog, etc.)
g. Any adhesive that will potentially damage the door

IMPORTANT: If students will use an adhesive or material other than masking tapes or Blu Tack and is/are not listed above, they must first consult the SHS Admin office and/or the FTS (Facilities and Maintenance Services).

4. Decorations must be created out of recycled materials (e.g. Used Newspapers, Plastic Bottles, Old Appliances/Gadgets/Equipment, etc.). No major material must be purchased.
5. Decorations must have a central theme/ motif/ imagery focusing on “Share the Christmas Love, Joy, and Peace”.
6. Expenses must be very minimal and limited to art materials (e.g. adhesives, paints, glitters, etc.). Each section will be required to submit a liquidation of expenses incurred in the production of their decorations (including official receipts). This will be part of the criteria for judging.
7. Decors must be installed on or before November 25, 2022. This will be the date of the judging. Anything posted AFTER this date will not be valid anymore.
8. Judges will visit and assess the decorations at random periods. Scores will be recorded and computed by the SHS Administration office.
9. Winners will be announced on December 16, 2022, prior to the classroom Christmas Parties.