As part of school’s commitment to provide quality education, Student Affairs Program was formed to provide holistic formation to all the students by developing the full potential of the individual through various student development programs and service.
Participation in organizations complement the academic experience and allow students to mold their campus community, explore new ideas and interests, create friendships, and develop communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

A. Student Council
The student council is the voice of the student body. It gives students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects that contribute to school spirit and welfare.

B. Himig Tamaraw
This organization is designed to develop the talents of musically-inclined students. It promotes the improvement and importance of vocal music through training and performances.

C. Dagitab Press Corps
The Dagitab Press Corps is the official journal publication of the Elementary and High School Unit. It aims to promote advancement of social and literary awareness of students through campus journalism. The organization fosters the value of responsible expression among student-writers.

D. Tams on the Move
This organization committed to developing and honing its member’s artistic expression through various dances. It encourages openness and awareness of different cultures and aspires to create diverse live performances.

E. Dulaang FEU-Cavite
This is an organization that promotes a gleeful self-discovery and self-development experience among students through speech and theater arts.

F. STEM Circle
This club allows students to build connections between science, technology, engineering, and math concepts. It aims to expose students to different opportunities of STEM Education. It aims to ignite interests in Science, math and Robotics, as well as prepare them for competitions.

The school believes that it is not enough to just excel at academics; thus varied programs are offered provide the young learners meaningful activities that will develop their potentials, skills and talent in different fields.

A. Logic-O
The club promotes creative and critical thinking through puzzles and logical games.

B. Peace Club
The club focuses on empowering youth to become socially and environmentally active members of the society.

C. Sports Club
The club develops the child physically, socially, mentally and emotionally through well-organized activities. It helps students to develop camaraderie and sportsmanship by participating in different sports activities.

D. Speech and Poetry
The club aims to develop, enhance and prepare students in expressing their opinions and emotions through public speaking and poetry. The club encourages students to use their creativity and social ability to speak and be heard.

E. Peerkadahan
Along with other guidance services the Peer Facilitators’ Club, is a group of volunteer students who shall help the bridge the Guidance, Counseling and Career Office to the students. It will build closer ties among the students in promoting acceptance of self and others through assisting students in making wise decisions to solve their own problems equipped with the basic responding skills and techniques.

F. Scouts of the Philippines
Scouting is a worldwide movement that provides girls and boys a non-formal, progressive educational program to prepare themselves for their responsibilities at home, the nation and the world community.